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Mechanical design

A HT-tube (polypropylene, DN32) is used as basic housing and to mount all modules together. Electronic module The electronic module consists of the Āµ-Controller (Teensy 3.6), a RF-Module (nrf24l01+), the inertial sensor (MPU-9250), a rechargeable battery and charging electronics. All mounted on a base printed circuitĀ  board. 3D-printed battery holders are used to mount the... read more »


Firestick (Transmitter) A Teensy 3.6 is used to control the firesticks. It's connected to an MPU-9250 inertial- and magnetic sensor (9-dof sensor, IC1) and to a RF-module using the nRF24L01+ (IC2). The connections are done via two seperate SPI-interfaces on the Teensy (SPI0 and SPI1). Interrupt lines from both components are also connected to the... read more »