Mechanical design

A HT-tube (polypropylene, DN32) is used as basic housing and to mount all modules together.

Electronic module

The electronic module consists of the µ-Controller (Teensy 3.6), a RF-Module (nrf24l01+), the inertial sensor (MPU-9250), a rechargeable battery and charging electronics. All mounted on a base printed circuit  board. 3D-printed battery holders are used to mount the battery. Together with an end cap, they are also used to hold the complete module in the HT-tubing. O-rings are used for shock-absorbing.

Switch insert

A 3D-printed switch insert is used to mount the power- and the mode-button. Two play-switches are directly mounted ito the tubing. All switches are connected via a flat ribbon cable to the electronic module.

Torch holder

The used torches are replaceable. A holding mechanism from a kitchen mixer (Krups 3 Mix) is used to realize replaceability. Mixer hooks with different torch styles applied to them can easily be replaced. By pushing an eject lever, the current used hook can easily be removed. A screw cap and a suitable M23-thread (part of a circular connector) is used to ensure additional locking of the hook.


A brass fitting is used as holder for a counterweight. This maybe necessary because the Kevlar-torches can be relative heavy.

Bill of Material

part quantity source of supply
switch insert 1 Shapeways: switch insert
end cap 1 Shapeways: end cap
battery holder 4 Shapeways: battery holder
 eject lever  1  Shapeways: eject lever
 hook holder adapter  1  Shapeways: hook holder adapter
 torch holder  1  Shapeways: torch holder