Tandem Unicycle

Other tandem unicycle riders

A collection of tandem unicycle riders found on the internet. Corbin’s Treehouse Corbin has built a tandem unicycle and ridden it together with Scott. Here is a nice instruction on how he built it.     Hannover There must be a tandem unicycle somewhere in Hannover which is ridden from time to time: EJC 2011… read more »

Building the Tandem Unicycle

The Frame The rectangular frame is welded from some round and quadratic steel pipes. Two brackets for holding the wheel are welded onto the bottom side. Two saddle posts are welded exactly above the pedal bearings. Two diagonal smaller steel pipes are stabilizing the rectangular frame. The pedal bearings The pedal bearings are custom made… read more »

Tandem Unicycle

Building Instructions on how to build a tandem unicylce. Riding Instructions on how to ride a tandem unicylce. Other riders Collection of tandem unicycle riders found on the internet.